donderdag 11 februari 2010


While the simple session was going on in Estonia, was the Dutch scene jamming in Eindhoven.
Pim van den Bos and his Dad has organized the 040 Winterjam. At the same time as the simpel session.
During the day The Simple Session was broadcasted on two big screen, one in the park and the second in a little created cinema.
Special for the jam Pim and his Dad has build a resibox.
The whole day the resibox was the centre of the day. Many bmx-ers tried to make a lot of flipcombinations, happy with the first resi in Holland.
And to satisfy the hunger there was the Hot-saakje-dog-bar from Arnhem. She made the most lovely hotdog and brownies for the boys.
The day ended with a little Jamsession. Lots of prices where sponsored by Paul's Boutique, Vans, Snafu and Protect. DJ Joerie entained the public with his jokes.
Thanks to all the riders sponsors and of course Pim and his Dad!

On the pics we see Joeri on the mic and Michael on snooze, Dennis with his nofoted cancan one hander and a flip ofcourse Pim with his fronty an flips and me behind the camera.